Restaurants in Votsi

Watching the sea, left into the pine forest above the beach:
At 150 meters from the house, good Mediterranean cuisine with Italian accents, inventive chef, friendly service, the best plan if you do not want to go further …
50 m away, rotisserie, frequented mainly by local weekend when he proposed over the kid in barbecue (katsikaki) and sausage to the spindle (kokoretsi). It also makes a very good “kontosouvli” pork loin with garlic pin or grilled chicken. Although Greek!
Next restaurant, a little higher, also open for lunch. His dinners, stuffed tomatoes, moussaka … are good. Nice view of the harbor Votsi takeaway, choice of visible window.
* RIGHT, watching the sea to the harbor:
I Mouria:
Mulberry, the fishing pier, waterfront tables! Traditional Greek cuisine, sometimes good fish or lobster (Astakos) to order.
Pizzeria and restaurant just top up the steps. Beautiful view, can be deliver meals and pizzas at home. (tel: 2424 065 035).

But also:
In the center of the village, up behind the house, in the playground for children only in the evening, a snack restaurant based small skewers (souvlakia) and salads. This type of restoration is common throughout Greece, there consumes March to June skewers per person accompanied by salads and mezes and fresh wine or cold beer. Very cheap, easy and good. Children tobogganing next to your table!

Restaurants in Patitiri

Along the pebble beach, bars and restaurants with beautiful views and traditional food
Earlier this way, the “souvlakia Yorgos” and kebab are cheap and very good feet in the water.
A little further on the last restaurant of this alley is called Paschalis (Pascal in Greek). It serves good moussaka and grilled fish.
More chic at the beginning of that path, Anais, has a beautiful view and an honest and international cuisine.
restaurants in the center of the port, used to serve in the Marine Park hikers who do a drop-meal way.

Restaurants on the old Alonissos

PERI Orexeos:
Upon arrival at the village, the place covered pine trees and near the statue bust instead, there are small tables belonging to PERI Orexeos restaurant, above the supermarket opposite. Very good, plentiful and cheap food. Children can waiting for service, the play area nearby Thurs
(full moon) in place of arrival but left is a more sophisticated kitchen and dining terrace. Attentive service, good food presentation, expanded wine list, a little more expensive.
Going up the main aisle and after the church must find the passage to the right leads to the only true Italian restaurant on the island: Acqua Santa. A true Italian adopted by the island that has put the Italian local, products identical to those of southern Italy. Wine more elaborate.
Roasters & pastry chefs:
At the top, after the square terrace (panoramic view) you have an array of roasters, fun guaranteed! Then, at the end of this road you have some sort of pastry “Sweet home” which serves Greek and oriental pastries, desserts lacking other restaurants on two levels with “live” music in the evening
Magical location, friendly atmosphere and delicious dishes, not to miss the ice with Ekmek kaimaki. Perfume unique masticha! Later that evening, parade all “connected” to the island, cheerful atmosphere …
South of the island, below the old Alonissos, nice pebble beach and sand in the water, there are two restaurants each on one end of the cove. Their cuisine is the same, we have a preference for the right looking at the sea, MELTEMI terrace under the shade of olive trees overlooking the creek, opposite the neighboring island of Skopelos. Nice stop for lunch and swimming.
The preferred range of children’s sand. Just before the car park on arrival a small, well under the pines tavern, it overlooks the beach. Simple, good food and cheap. A refreshing break for a typical lunch stop continuous history of tanning cons – low …

Restaurants in Steni Vala


To the north of the island you can have lunch or dinner at Mrs. Tassia (tassia’S COOKING) at the bottom of the cove. Good traditional cuisine, pleasant, guaranteed to choose drawer fridge fresh fish, payable by weight. His scorpion (SKORPINA) steamed on a bed of fennel is a treat. Taste as its input marinated anchovy fillets! (gavros Marinatos)
Just beside the pastry called his sister Katina. She is the queen of cakes “baked” with the traditional “galaktoboureko” his walnut cake (karydopita) or succulent Sultana! You will enjoy under the eucalyptus front of the pier, full summer, sailboats that call. Then, all at hand, there is a gift shop and unusual objects of his daughter Charikleia which also manages the diving and sea kayaks for rent


Restaurants in Leftos Yalos


The ELEONAS restaurant worth a visit in really out of the ordinary. It is better to go for dinner. Arriving by car is to the right with parking under the trees. Nikos, the owner and his wife Magda managed a truly unique card: The beureks (bourekia) meat or seafood (cooked a la plancha with various ingredients pies) are delicious. Even her eggplant salad (melintzanosalata) or marinated octopus, really out of the ordinary. To avoid, however, its own wine, frankly maderized in favor of white or red wine to pitcher imported from the continent, much better if very fresh.

Still Leftos Yalos for lunch but this time, there is another restaurant on the beach. Ordinary Greek cuisine, even a little fat, but a very nice location. Head is pierced and presto, we go to table swimsuit. Between pool tables for customers. Since June 2007 George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara have made famous facility to have a long lunch and danced with a local folk group. It was the only call “safe” on the island from a large yacht anchored in the cove.

Restaurants in Kalamakia

Ten minutes after Stení Vala, that is the last inhabited village to the north. Its fishing port is picturesque and there are a number of fish restaurants on the wharf waterfront. It is accessed by a small narrow passage and then … we rush to the bottom, crossing the terraces of the first. In order, the better the last two (Margarita Makhi). with their fried red mullet (barbounia) and dessert mini-donuts with honey and cinnamon. Great feast of sardines to July 10 with free distribution, music, dancing feet in the water …

Restaurants in Agios Dimitrios

Famous for its beautiful beach, is a nice item to eat at noon This is only the tiny hut caravan at the bottom of the cove there or there is more but a tiny umbrellas wooden jetty. We enjoy with meatballs (keftedes), a local tyropita (puff pastry rolled and fried feta) and a Greek salad. Here is where the simplicity of Greek cuisine finds its full dimension with ten meters to the beach! It obviously lunch in a swimsuit …