Distances are relatively short, you may consider renting scooters, cheaper and more fun than car rental (s). This is the ideal way for small ferry routes and explore the beaches …
4 taxis on the island, prices have really no comparison to the French prices. For example, the path-Patitiri Votsi is achieved through 9 Euros. This modest price involves a single constraint: It is imperative that you are ready to assemble the taxi in front of the house! Taxis in Greece do not expect the customer! You can call them by phone, (announce: Thanassekos, Votsi) arrive relatively quickly. For your departure at the end of stay, it is best to prevent the day before, especially if you leave early in the morning. And above all be prepared with luggage outside the door! …

The Municipal Bus Patitiri connects the old town regularly and sometimes Patitiri Steni Vala. Schedules are posted at the stop Patitiri.

The water buses and water taxis usually depart from Patitiri to some beaches. You can also negotiate a boat for you and only for the day from Votsi. Again, your sense of negotiation and competition can do wonders …

Rent a boat for the day is also possible Patitiri. It is not necessary to have a driving license but must comply with the number of passengers by boat. In a pinch, you can rent two boats is better for security. The prices here are close to prices in Corsica, about 50 Euros per day. Avoid rental for several days, if the sea is rough the next day, you’ll pay without being able to really enjoy …

The car rental can be justified if you have young children or if your relationship with the two wheels are not rosy. The road network of the island a total of fifty miles, the rental price is close to the French price. A combination of small car + scooter rental is often the ideal solution.

The helicopter hire to get very quickly (1 hour from the airport of Athens) on the continent, it is also cheaper than in France. It takes about 2500 Euros for 5/6 people / journey.



A selection of the finest gourmet and casual restaurants and taverns ouzeries for everyone on Alonissos



The Pretty shops can be found at Alonissos Patitiri Alonissos and the Viel, also called Palio Horio or Hora.
The quaint little shops offering local crafts, handmade jewelry, souvenirs, wooden toys, books, paintings, colored candles, antiques and other local products.


Tavernas, cafes and bars are Patitiri and viel Alonissos outdoor and / or feet in the water.
Some bars offer Greek and international music. Enigma Club is one of two clubs that offer the opportunity to dance the night outdoors.