Among other solutions, we offer the most simple, quick and convenient: Taxi or minibus depending on the number of participants booked in advance, will be waiting at the exit from the Athens airport. Avoiding the city center congestion and heat, they take you to the port of Agios Konstantinos (165 km north of Athens, about 1:30 motorway, 4-5 people per taxi, cost about 170 Euro per taxi , 340 Euro for the bus 16 pers.

Here you climb aboard an airboat (very fast boat flying at 35 knots) which will drop you at Alonissos 2h 40 later (adult ticket approx. 50 Euro).
WITH THIS SYSTEM you enter the villa on the evening of your departure from Europe without obligation to spend a night hotel in Athens without the expense and fatigue implies. You are on vacation! Of course, we do for you all the necessary reservations to this transfer.

FOR OTHER VERSIONS (fly to Skiathos or car via Italy or live helicopter taxi from Athens airport and Alonissos), thank you to contact us.