The Sporades archipelago was for many years forgotten of tourism who preferred the Cyclades. During the last decade, the tourist exploitation of Cyclades and changing tourism trends towards more authentic and less brutalized by human activities locations, have prompted some travelers to visit the Sporades. The nearest continent Sporades have experienced an intense tourist development, as Skiathos (and its airport) or Skopelos.

Alonissos was declared National Marine Park in 1992 with the help of the European Union, which assured the island a destiny different from her sisters. The island and its surroundings contain an ecosystem relatively undisturbed by man as evidenced by the presence of the fragile monk seal, the second rarest pinniped in the world. Preservation of archaeological sites is an additional reason why the island has managed to develop a more responsible and conscious preservation of fauna and flora tourism, on land and in the sea water is clarity exceptional and the place is a paradise for snorkelling enthusiasts.

With almost 3,000 inhabitants, mostly fishermen and farmers, the island stretches about 40 km. Three villages concentrated in the southern part of the island almost all houses:



PATITIRI is the main port and the busiest village. There are the big shops, rental of all types of vehicles, the town hall, health center and doctors, two pharmacies, a bank and of course, lots of tavernas and bars, waterfront .

The Old Village


The old town (‘Xhora), was strategically placed high in order to monitor the arrival of pirates. After the earthquake of 1966, the village was rebuilt identically. At this height, you can see the sea around the island extends to the north-east and part of the small uninhabited islands nearby. The sunset on Skopelos is not to be missed. Lively town, especially at night, it is home to great restaurants. By taking the mule trail, along 1.8 kilometers, we descend on foot to Patitiri. Superb views at the end of the day.



VOTSI finally, is the third largest town of the island and where the villas. It is located 3km drive (or 1.5 kilometers along the trail side) Patitiri and 4 km from the old town, it is smaller and quieter. His charming little fishing port has two taverns right on the water, 300m from the house. The sandy and shingle 80m from the house, in the shade of pine trees in the early morning sun and the rest of the day. One can make a delicious morning swim until everyone is ready for a day excursion to … Votsi also a small supermarket 500m from the house.