Alonissos villa

Known for its hiking, inside the island offers unspoiled nature, steep and fragrant. Lovers will find swimming isolated without difficulty coves. Fishermen and underwater hunters will be filled, the area is full of fish. Toddlers can hit the sandy beaches such as Chrissi Milia, where we even walk 100m from the shore. Club Diving makes you discover drugs seabed. For nightlife worthy of a Greek island, it will take a ride to the clubs and bars and music Patitiri Old Alonissos.

Marin Park


In addition to Alonissos same four main islands (Pelagos Gioura, Psathoura and piperidine) and 22 uninhabited islets and rocky outcrops make up the National Marine Park, north of the island. You will see (maybe) of Audouin’s gulls, shags, dolphins and monk seals. They have almost disappeared due to pollution, overfishing and other human activities. The creation of the Marine National Park and private associations has halted this process and maintain a small colony that you may have the chance to observe.

The Archipelago


The Sporades islands are a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, consisting of 11 islands of which four inhabited off Volos. The main island of the archipelago is called Skiathos. Sporade name has the same origin as the word sporadic, which means scattered, as are the islands in the Aegean Sea. The reputation of Sporades archipelago is not the height of the wealth it contains. Lost north of the Aegean Sea and thus preserved from mass tourism, the Greek islands are discovered sailing in the wind and desires … paradisiacal coves, lush greenery or mountain getaways.